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DiversityEmployers.eu is an untraditional employer branding platform focussing on identifying and profiling employers in Europe who value diversity, equality, inclusion and accessibility. Since diversity in the workplace is essential to the success of your business, we help you promote your company as a diversity employer to attract more diverse talent for your team and become more competitive as a result.

Why diversity matters

Organizations that commit to recruiting a diverse workforce have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, which can lead to finding more qualified candidates and reducing the time it takes to fill vacant positions. Businesses that do not recruit from diverse talent pools run the risk of missing out on qualified candidates and may have a more difficult time filling key roles, which increases recruitment costs.

67% of active and passive job seekers say diversity is an important factor when considering a company and 57 percent of employees think their companies should be more diverse. These numbers are telling. Not only does recruiting from different talent pools make it possible for organizations to fill vacancies faster, a diverse workforce also benefits their employer brand which is crucial when it comes to attracting qualified candidates.


Business thrives on differences

Diversity and job performance go hand in hand: when people feel they belong in your company, they willl perform better in their work. It’s that simple.


Customers deserve your all

You'll be successful when you innovate for your customers which takes listening, empathy and understanding. So you should create that same environment for your teams.


It fuels creativity

A team made up of individuals with different outlooks, backgrounds and experiences gives you access to a whole new way of looking at the world. Seeing things through different lenses is the lifeblood of your creativity.

How we do what we do

1. Discover diversity insights

We use proprietary technology and our many years of expertise to gain insights about the degree of diversity and inclusion in your workplace. From diversity and inclusion statistics to policies and your employees' stories.

2. Create your company profile

We use those insights to collect information, photos and videos, then build a company profile that gives both active and passive candidates an authentic look into your diverse work environment, your people, and your culture.

3. Share your diversity story

Once we've created a distinctive company profile that highlights your company as a diversity employer, we'll help you share it everywhere - from our platform to our social media and other possibly relevant recruiting channels.

4. Hire more diverse candidates

With your company consistently being showcased as a diversity and inclusion employer, you will attract, hire, and retain more diverse people for your team, making your company more competitive and therefore more successful.

Only diversity-minded employers

We're profiling the top diversity leaders of Europe.

How we make a difference

Covering European countries

Our international platform allows employers to connect with great candidates all over Europe, no matter where they are.

Unique distinctive positioning

We showcase your company as a diversity employer so that you stand out and attract the best talent from a growing multicultural market.

Leading employer network

We only partner with leading employers in Europe who value diversity and want to share their story with talented candidates.

100% proprietary technology

Our extensive customization options make it possible for every organization to tell its own story and build a unique employer brand.

Diversity hiring is priority for most employers in 2021-2022

Compared to last year, employers tell Universum that diversity hiring is growing in importance — from 54% to 59% among large employers and from 66% to 74% among very large employers. And among the World’s Most Attractive Employers, 98% now say it is very important.